Carolina Christian Singles

Carolina Christian Singles

Welcome to the Carolina Christian Singles website.  Carolina Christian Singles is designed to be a Christian Singles Network for Single Adults and Single Adult Ministries within the Carolinas and beyond.  We are not a dating or matchmaking service. Let me repeat, we are not a dating or matchmaking service.

Carolina Christian Singles provides educational, informational, inspirational, networking, and spiritual resources that are relevant to the lives of Christian Single Adults and the ministries that cater to them.  While this website provides comprehensive information, Carolina Christian Singles does not necessarily advocate or endorse all the contents from the various links.  All Single Adults and Single Adult Ministries should be guided by the spiritual teachings from the Bible along with their respective place of worship.

Since becoming involved in Single Adult Ministry (S.A.M.) in 1997, I have connected with some amazing Single Adults and Single Adult Ministry Leaders throughout the country. I have enjoyed some of the most wholesome fellowship over the years with them. I would like for every Single Adult to share in my experiences.

As leaders of Single Adult Ministries, we must realize that the we are competing with the world for Single Adults. Further, I believe that God is holding us accountable for the spiritual nurturing of Single Adults. This means that we must keep our Single Adult Ministries dynamic, exciting, godly, progressive, relevant, and well-rounded.

I pray that you will find the website beneficial. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @EAJeffersonJr.

Singularly yours,

Ernest A. Jefferson, Jr.

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